Wagner Architects and Planners is an architectural and planning office located in Seattle's Pike Place Market. The office offers a full range of architectural and planning services, from initial programming, master planning, and impact analysis, through detailed design and construction administration. Most of our work has been for cities and non profit agencies and most clients continue to use us for several projects.


The office is experienced in the planning, programming, design and construction management of both new and remodeled public facilities. We are experienced in keeping existing buildings operational during construction. We are experienced in the design of utilitarian structures and in making these structures compatible with residential and non-utilitarian neighborhoods, including facilities located within public parks. Many of the facilities we work on include several buildings on large sites, and we are very good at master planning for multiple uses.

Many of the sites we have planned have some type of environmental sensitivity where we must take special care to protect the site and neighbors. We have experience working within and adjacent to critical areas. Service operations often utilize or generate hazardous materials. We are experienced in dealing with hazardous materials, and protecting both staff and the environment from these operations.

We emphasize environmental design. Most staff are LEED accredited and we design Green facilities. We use natural light to minimize reliance on electrical lights. We use operable windows to minimize air conditioning. We try to minimize the use of fresh water, and we try to use storm water for irrigation and other non-potable needs. We like to use recycled or renewable materials, without compromising cost or durability. We select materials and design the smallest details with longevity in mind. We want facilities to last, with a minimum of maintenance.

Robert Wagner
Licensed Architect  -  Washington State
LEED Accredited Professional
AICP 1982 TO 2009